Melsper’s population is mostly human, although (like most other areas of Kend) it contains a large mixture of civilized races. A medium-to-large city may have sub-areas where a minority race will gather together (like a Chinatown or Little Italy). Smaller towns may have a few non-human or part-human residents. Halflings make up a sizable native minority of Melsper, tending to be close-knit nomadic clans. Elves / half-elves commonly have Crandurian ancestry, dwarves trace their roots back to ancestors in the Heartthrust mountains (now claimed by the Free Vales).


  • Mildenhall: Capital city, at the mouth of the Eltain river on the southern coast.
  • Galenwind: Major trading hub, and the intersection of the Eltain and West Eltain rivers
  • Leisford: Small outpost town on the West Eltain river.


Melsper is led by a ruling family. The current ruler is King Balfour of the Borges clan, who has reigned for the past twenty years. The capital city of Mildenhall lies on the southern coast, where the Eltain river flows into the sea.

Melsper is close to the largest kingdom on the peninsula, taking up the south-eastern third. It is bordered by the ocean on the east and south, the Heartthrust mountains providing a natural borders with the Free Vales and the Crandurian Republic. The border with Gultro to the west tends to be disputed, as there are no blatant natural features to allow one to say “This is Melsper and that is Gultro”.

The central plains of Melsper is split by the Eltain river. It provides lush irrigation to the farms of the lower plains north of Mildenhall. Further north the Eltain river flows between the Charred Hills (home of several rough mining towns) and the Rhosarian Woods. At a major intersection of the river is the large town of Galenwind. Trading barges come down the river from points north and west: other Melsperian towns and even merchant boats from Crandur and the Free Vales.

The Eltain river acts as a major thoroughfare for the kingdom, keeping goods flowing up and downstream and providing easy and relatively safe travel for people. Civilization is focused mainly around the rivers and the coastal areas.


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