The gods of Kend are inspired by the Dragonlance pantheon (although more along the law / neutral / chaos axis than good / neutral / evil), and also by the Vishnu / Krishna / Shiva trinity of Hinduism.

Most of the “domain” information was generated when this was originally D&D 3.5, so may have little real impact in 4E.

High Gods

The High Gods are the creators of the world, and the driving force behind the cycles of history. They are neither “good” nor “evil” in and of themselves, although the followers of Bremtor and Genasiol can tend towards good, and the followers of Toreknar often tend towards evil.

Bremtor, “Creator”

Domains: Earth, Creation, Sun

Genasiol, “Nurturer”

Domains: Healing, Water, Knowlege

Toreknar, “Destroyer”

Domains: Fire, Destruction, Magic

Low Gods

The Low Gods are the helpers / acolytes of the high gods, in charge of sub-categories of their domains.

Favored of Bremtor

  • Odannis the Judge. Protection, Law, Strength. Patron god of Paladins
  • Glyniff the Guide. Knowledge, Magic, Death. Glyniff guides his followers both in this world and to the afterlife.

Chosen of Genasiol

  • Elazar the Green. Plants, Animals, Earth. God of Nature, plants and animals.
  • Abarrane the Wanderer. Travel, Luck, Magic

Ascendants of Toreknar

  • Yerik the Trickster. Trickery, Luck, knowledge
  • Gavrie the Warrior. War, Strength, Death

Racial Gods

The above pantheon is worshipped among almost all human societies on Kend. Other races also worship Bremtor, Genasiol, and Toreknar (although possibly under different names). They may also worship the Favored/Chosen/Ascendents given above (again, possibly under different names), but also have race-specific patron gods.

Creation of the World

From the primordial void sprang the three high gods. They looked upon the emptiness, and were filled with grief.

Bremtor saw the void had no purpose, for it had no form. Genasiol saw the void had no past, for it never changed. Toreknar saw the void had no future, for it could never be more nor less than what it was.

And Bremtor reached out his hand and created the world, bringing form from void.

And Genasiol breathed upon the world and gave it life which strove to grow, giving the world a past.

And Toreknar touched the life and gave it death so that life could always be reborn and grow anew, giving the world a future.

So the Gods gazed down upon the world, and they were filled with joy at what they had wrought. They walked the earth and spread blessings among their creation.

The Divine Bands

In the night sky of Kend can be seen the Divine Bands. These are streaks of color: blue (for Bremtor), green (for Genasiol) and red (for Toreknar), along with greyish-white streamers (the final resting place of living souls) that flow between them. These bands are roughly the width of the full moon, and stretch from horizon to horizon, east to west. The bands shift position and brightness, which are often used as auguries by the Church of the Three Gods.


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