Known locations:

Kend: The peninsular continent.

Melsper: The kingdom encompassing the starting temple area. Ruled by a human king (and nobles also tend to be human), but has a large mix of races. Halflings are especially common, as they are excellent sailors, and the rivers of Melsper are a major transportation system.

Heartthrust Mountains: The mountain range in the center of Kend that acts as the border between of Melsper and the Free Vales.

Crandurian Republic: The country to the north of Melsper. Population is predominantly elvish / half-elf.

Free Vales: The country to the west of Melsper, covers most of the Heartthrust mountains. Predominantly dwarvish.

Gultro: The kingdom to the south and west of the Free Vales, also shares a border with Melsper.


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