Kendish Campaign

Wolf Riders

Session 2

The party makes plans to disrupt the supply lines of their captors, and encounter scouting parties of wolf riders.

Game date: Summer-ish. Year TBD.

After making camp by the side of the pond, the party rests the night without incident.

Escape +1 day

Party remembers that supply wagons come to the complex every week or so (sometimes just supplies, sometimes with other slaves) from the north, so they decide to scout out looking for the trail of the caravan in order to lay an ambush.

From the pool, they travel east through the woods, searching for signs of wagons. They find a few old trails, and follow that to the north, away from the temple.

While tracking the trail, they notice a pair of goblin riders patrolling, with a third wolf between them. The party takes cover in the forest underbrush and ambush the patrol

The goblins are dispatched quickly. The wolves take a bit more time, but two are eventually dropped, with the third taking off through the forest. Among the bodies, the party finds some more goblin equipment, a few gold coins, and a potion that Neb identifies as a Potion of Healing.

The party follows the caravan tracks further to the north. They find an attractive point to wait in ambush: two hills act to funnel the tracks through a single pass (elsewhere the old trails tend to wander away from each other since there is no fixed track through the wood), with some brush and boulders allowing for cover. They take up camp on one of the hills, keeping an eye out for their quarry.

A few days pass, Ngrok and Neb using their nature skills and knowlege of the area to provide food and water. {{What are the characters doing? What kind of shelter? Getting to know each other?}}

Escape +4 days:

They spot another scout patrol, this time three goblin riders. They again take up hidden positions to ambush their former captors. As the goblins ride past, one of the wolves hears Thorin as he shifts in his armor. The rider comes over to investigate, and is surprised to spot the rest of the party taking cover behind the underbrush.

Galinndan and Thorin attack the goblin. The second of the riders charges through the brush towards Galinndan. Ngrok (who had remained hidden behind the undergrowth) takes advantage of his cover by stabbing the rider with his short sword: once as the rider runs past, and again when the goblin swings at the Eladrin. Edmond pops up from hiding and slings a dagger at the second goblin, hitting it in the side. The flurry of attacks is too much for the goblin to withstand, and he slumps in the saddle: dead.

The final goblin rides around the brush to flank Thorin, stabbing the dwarf as his mount snaps at Thorin’s legs. This rider also clucks at the wolf with the dead wolf, directing it around to the edge of the party’s front line.

The party continues to focus their attacks on the goblin riders, knowing that if one returned back to the hobgoblin camp, their location would be given away. They hope that an unexplained disappearance would be written off as losses to something in the woods, but not necessarily to a dedicated enemy.

During the battle, the goblins and wolves succeed in several strong stabs to the dwarf. Gallindan bravely shoves the dwarf back, interposing his own body between Thorin and the goblins. Neb begins chanting arcane words, and stabs his shovel in the direction of the goblins. The shovel head flies off as the staff emits a bright blue orb which flies behind the goblins and explodes into an icy mist, freezing all the riders within it.

The goblins, obviously shaken, each reach into his belt pouch and pull out a small vial. They drink them, the liquid inside staunches their wounds and they charge forward, determined to slay the former slaves. Ngrok and Gallindan hold the line, Thorin’s dwarven resolve shakes off some of his wounds and he also steps back into battle. Edmond continues pelting the goblins with his daggers.

Over the sounds of battle, the party again hears Neb muttering. He steps forward and a blast of sound washes over the two remaining goblins and their mounts. One wolf is able to withstand the blast and stay in place (although it is knocked off its feet), but the other wolf (and its rider) are shoved back into the freezing mist. The second goblin is blasted off his wolf landing on his back in the cold brush. The icy mist disperses, revealing the frost-bitten goblins.

Edmond stabs the prone wolf, ending it’s life.

Gallinden, Ngrok, and Thorin move up to surround the prone goblin, suggesting to it that surrender would be its best option. The goblin responds by glaring up at the adventurers, spitting out “Bloodreavers are never taken prisoner!” then slashing his sword across his own throat.

Meanwhile, the final goblin decides that being outnumbered in the middle of the forest is not in his best interest. He wheels his wolf around, and begins running back the way he came. Neb gives chase, spells flying wildly around the goblin due to the distance and their speeding through the woods. The rest of the party (seeing that their intended prisoner and the two wolves are dead) also give chase.

In a desperate last-ditch effort, Neb lets fly an arrow of cold at the distant wolf, hoping to kill it, or at least slow it down. The bolt flies through the trees, and pierces the wolf’s hide just behind it’s ribcage. The wolf falls dead, spilling the goblin to the forest floor.

The goblin attempts to continue his flight, but the rest of the party runs into range, and Ngrok fells the rider with a javelin. On the goblin bodies the party finds more coin, and an unused potion on the goblin that was felled first. Neb, Edmund, and Thorin use their digging tools to hide the bodies beneath the dirt.

Escape +5 days:

A caravan is spotted a couple miles to the north.


  • The temple they escaped is an old Elvish (Eladrin) temple of Toreknar.
  • The temple appears to have been sacked / abandoned ~6000 years ago.
  • The temple outpost has about 30 guards (about 10 of which are goblin scout riders with wolves) and about 60-70 slaves.
  • Hobgoblin encampment gets supply wagons every week or so. New slaves are brought in every 3-4 weeks. Supplies come in from a large hobgoblin camp 4-5 days travel to the north.



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